On Perfectionism and The Call to be YOU

So, here’s the thing. For about two years I have had this intense desire to create a platform where women can come and join together to lift other women up and share their stories and experiences. The idea has morphed over the years and will continue to morph. I thought this was a bad thing. I wanted to have everything planned out. I wanted to have an outline, a plan for success. A way in which, if anything happened, there would be a fallback plan. I never really thought of myself as a “planner” but yet here I was trying to put everything in order and make it perfect so there was no room for mistakes. But as I sit back I realize that what I was really doing was trying to make sure that I wasn’t vulnerable to criticism and that I could protect myself from hurt of others thoughts and opinions. I was protecting myself. I was building walls, walls that would protect me, yes, but building walls that also wouldn’t let others in. That wouldn’t allow myself to grow. I was literally putting myself in a box.
The thing that’s amazing about this realization is that this is the very thing that I’ve been breaking free from. Slowly, but surely I’m allowing myself to become more me. Less perfection, more creativity. Less expectation, more freestyle. I am allowing myself to really feel things instead of expecting myself to be in a place that I’m just not in, nor will I ever be in the place that I perceive other women to be in. And that’s OK. It’s more than OK, it’s me and dammit, it’s beautiful! It’s POWERFUL! There is only ONE me and I’m the only person that can be me. With all of my faults and all of my beautiful “failures” as I might perceive them to be.

My point is this, that I will NEVER be perfect. I will NEVER have it all together. There will ALWAYS be something that I’m lacking and I’m learning to be OK with that. 
So here I am, with my heart open and raw. Here I am, offering the stories that I’ve been through and learned from.

Here I am as me.

As scary as it might be. As terrified as I am. I am excited!

I feel the electricity of being authentically screwed up and not perfect and completely me.

This is my invitation to you, come as you are, with your pain from past experiences. Lay them down along with perfection and be smacked in the face with just how amazing women are to embrace you just as YOU are. How you’re in great company of women who are ready to share their wounds too. Share your heart, dare to be you, dare to allow your wounds to be open so that this community of women can care for those wounds and let you heal. Come as you are. Reclaim your power.


  1. Valerie

    I love this! I totally relate to not wanting to put yourself out there and be vulnerable to criticism because the plan isn’t perfect or your not perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect and I love the idea of reveling in that. This gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Your a great inspiration Lashawna and one of the most amazing people I have ever met!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LaShawna Romano

      You are so amazing! We have to let ourselves just be where we’re at. That we’ll move along, just maybe not at the pace others do. We have to allow ourselves to heal at the pace we can heal. We need to feel the lessons that were in so we can feel the pain and help others in the same situation. We can’t have perfection, we never will. And Empathy is a powerful tool! Thank you for your feedback and you words. I’m one lucky woman!! 😘


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