Underlying Themes

If purpose is what we were created for, then why is it so hard to find our purpose?

Im going to be bold here…You know your purpose, you’re just hiding from it because you think you’re not big/strong/dedicated/concentrated enough to do it…let that sink in for a moment.

I use to pray so hard for purpose when I was younger, not knowing that 90% of what I was praying about was what my purpose really was, people.

I’d spend about 90% of my time praying that I’d know how to help people. I’d think about others and what I could do to help them. I knew what my purpose was, I just didn’t KNOW that I KNEW.

What do you spend your time thinking about? What excites you?

I’m betting you know exactly what makes your heart sing. You’ve probably already identified it while reading this, but have made an excuse as to why it can’t possibly be something you could pursue.

Your purpose is the underlying theme throughout your life. The thread that, when you step back from yourself, you see running throughout your life. Hard times and struggles make the theme of purpose stand out even more.

“Darkness make the stars shine”, as the great Martin Luther King Jr. once said.

I challenge you to take some time alone and think about this, think about your gift, your purpose for the world, for your tribe.

I encourage you to act on your purpose.

We need you.

We need more people like you. Women that will sacrifice their time and energy to follow their calling. Women are hurting out there and we need to come together and lift each other up. If we don’t stand together and lift up on another, who will. If you don’t answer this longing within yourself to follow the one passion thats been burning within, who will deliver its message? You have a unique gift within that no one else has. You can deliver that gift in a way no one else can, its your gift to give. Please don’t with hold it from us.

When we can start encouraging other women, noticing their strengths and helping when others are too hurt to help themselves, we can grow together and strengthen our hearts and our families.

Think of a time you really needed someone, you needed help, and no one was there. Now imagine that same situation, but someone showed up with exactly what you needed, maybe more. What if we started living our lives in this way? What would happen?

We’re all in need of help so badly, maybe we’re all just waiting for our purpose to surface so we can find meaning in a life that seems so lonely.

Lets come together, lets find our purpose and cherish it in our hearts. Lets water it and make it grow.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away. -Pablo Picassso

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