Starting from the ground up.

If my filter has been fear for my whole life, it isn’t working.If the voice that I speak to myself in is contempt and hatred, it isn’t working. 

When I look to the future and envision the life I want to live, I see so many beautiful colors and patterns. People who I’ve built friendships with along the way. Friends I’ve shown up for and that have shown up for me. My boys are thriving in life, they know who they are and where they want to place their passion and energy. Their living life in the fullest through every moment, and in their biggest fan. I see my marriage being a sacred relationship that we’ve invested into with excitement, experience, and open hearts. I see our community surrounding us in laughter, love, and living, fully living. Free fall living. 


I can see this so clearly, but my actions in day to day life don’t really aligned with my vision of the future. 

So, embarking on this vision is going to take a freefall. It’s going to take the shift in the way Ive viewed life and in the actions I take on a day-to-day basis. 

I have NO idea what I’m doing, but I’m WILLING to try. I’m willing to LET GO a little every day and see where it gets me. I know nothing. 

That’s where I’ll start, because pretending to let everyone believe that I know things hasn’t gotten me very far. So I’m starting fresh. 



you’ve placed me in this world for a reason. I think you’ve done that to show me things I had to see. I haven’t been very good at looking because I’ve been terrified. I’m willing to let go of being terrified all the time and to be open to see the things you want to show me. 

I don’t know how to be in this world and live fully because of all the fears I have, but I’m willing to learn. 

I’m willing to act. 

So if you’ll show me, I will open my eyes more, I will open my heart more and I will open my hands more. 

Start from the ground up and rebuild me. 

Show me how to BE. 

Guide me.

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