Making Space for New things.

What are you holding onto that you know you’re supposed to let go of? 

To me, this seems like a question that’s hard to wrap my head around at times. It’s ambiguous… Sort of. But in the quiet, and in the stillness when you ask, you will know with your whole being. You will know exactly what you’re holding onto that you’ve been needing to let go of. 

It’s so different for various people, and such a personal question. 

We each have a journey only we can do, and the thing that leads us to these points takes courage. 

It takes courage to ask ourselves about the things were holding onto that no longer serve us. 

It takes boldness to act them out. 

But we must try. 

We must start believing that we are unique. We are special and we can do things others can’t. Because we were MADE differently. We were made exactly the way we were supposed to be made. 

When we truly start believing that we have a purpose, that we have desires and passions that are different than others and it’s for a purpose, maybe we’ll start acting upon them. Maybe we’ll start seeing the things we no longer need to hold onto because they don’t serve us. We’ll make space for the things we were created to bring forth into the world. 

It’ll be scary, hell, it’ll be terrifying! 

But when you not only hear it, you start stepping out and acting upon the things you have felt from your inner voice telling you what to do. You’ll be blown away at the opportunities that start arising. You’ll be amazed at how the whole time, the world is waiting for you to say, “YES!” so that you could be led into the exact avenue you’ve wanted since the beginning. 

It’s terrifying, and there’s no way of getting beyond that. 

But terrifying will all be demystified and all you’ll be left with is a state of awe. Unspeakable awe.

 Step out, let go, and make space for the things you’ve wanted and thought you’d never do.

P.s. Writing in a parking lot is totally normal when you have free time away from the kids and you NEED to write…just sayin.


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