Guest blogger – Monique on Serving

“Good Morning Vietnam!” I love that line in the movie titled “Good Morning Vietnam”, with Robin Williams!  If you’ve seen it, that’s how I’m saying Hello to you. 🙂  If I were sitting by you, I would just say it, so then you could stop wondering!! 🙂    My sister, Lashawna and I have 7 years between us, she’s the baby, I’m the oldest.  What a gift Lashawna is. She is a person of passion and zeal that is contagious.  She is a person who I love watching unfold and bloom into the person she was created to be. Shaw, is one of the names I call her.  Shaw asked me to write something to share, anything I want… muwahahahaha!!!  

Lashawna, I’m so excited to see this journey your on to touch lives and lead people, including you and I, into unfolding and blooming into the person they were created to be! 

      ~Love ya!!

“A gift opens the way and leads the person lending a hand into the presence of the great”


   I don’t know about you but I love singing! Do I have the voice for it.. you can come by and I’ll sing for you,  and you’ll know within 2 seconds the answer is, no, not so much. 🙂 However, do I turn up the music in my car when the kids are gone, yes, yes I do.. I wait for their cute little eardrums to be out of the car so I can turn up the volume and then I’ll be the only one with hearing problems, not them..:)  Maybe as your music is on in your car you can ask yourself would you rather merely listen to the song or belt out that song your hearing?  

We get to do that in life, we get to sing to the music were listing too. Just like people are around us needing, wanting help, we can partake in their song, by singing along side them. C’mon turn up the music and dance while we serve! 

I dare you to not have fun and smile while your doing it! 🙂 

        If I only get one opportunity to visit with your sweet, amazing, captivating eyes and share the truth that I’ve learned along the way of life. It would be to share who YOU are by helping the people around you.  

You may be a new mom with a sweet little tiny bundle of pure cuteness. You may be a single women doing your thing. You may be a mom who has a job and littles running around. You may be a empty nester. You may be a person who is so completely passionate about what is right in front of you. Whatever stage your in, I would ask you to think about what you enjoy. What brings you not just joy, but brings growth.  The growth that comes down the road, that you are ever so pleased with.  The very thing that you were created to do! As you do those things, share it with people!  If you want to go a step further, I would say don’t just share it with people, but serve people by sharing your listening ears, time, thoughts and smiles with them! 

          Along the road of life I would’ve never imagined I would be the person I am today without stepping out of my comfort zone to help or serve someone. 

I’m sure your wondering what exactly was my comfort zone…well, stepping out of my comfort zone, to be quite honest, meant talking to people. Creating conversation, asking questions, listening to people around me. Not always having an answer that I, so desired to have! Not always saying the thing I so badly meant to say, until 3 hours later.  I’m sure you all have experienced that, right.. I’m not the only one.. I can’t be! 🙂    I’m sure you can relate to those awkward, stepping-out-of-your-comfort-zone situations.  Can you relate to being around people, who you always felt like were better equipped with the words? Knowing what to do all the time without a second thought? You know those people who just know what they know, and you wonder how do they know what they know…hmmmm ??.  One opinion is that they served even when the going got tough, they never gave up hope that tomorrow would be better then today.  Tomorrow they would wake up again and serve someone in need to realize they got so much more out of serving then they could’ve imagined.  Yes, not all days are like that, I’m sure. But what about the person on the other side of this conversation. The one, that was so touched and feels that hope again because of you and I stepping out of our comfort zone.

         Being around moms, grandmas, family members, and friends who just know what is up, or down for that matter. 

I’m naturally a person who is very reserved and quiet.  I’ve had to put my “big girl pants” on all the time, or go home and change my big girl pants for round 2, 3, 4 and 5 sometimes. Life is hard and having to adapt and change is what we have to do sometimes. I’ve had to stay in the game.  

I have been taught along the way of life to unfold and bloom by making myself not throw in the towel. Yes, making myself help and serve others. 

 I know, I know, making yourself..what’s that?  C’mon we all make ourselves do something. We could make ourselves go grocery shopping, work out, fold laundry, pick up a teenager late at night, when really we wish we were snuggled in a warm blanket relaxing on the couch doing your thang(yes meant to spell it that way) :)!!   As we are stretching ourselves, and not giving up when we get hurt. While we are serving and helping others we get the opportunity to unfold and bloom.  If we can keep going, keep putting on or changing into new “big girl pants” we will get the chance to organically unfold and bloom into the person WE are.  We can be faced with so many difficult and stretching situations, all We have to do is not close, we must have hope. 

Have you been on the other side of someone serving or helping you and have felt the hope that has been shown? Either practically hope, mental hope or spiritual hope? C’mon get back on the horse and serve, or help that family member, your friend, your child, your husband, and don’t give up!  I cant wait to see what arrangement you can make with the flowers you unfold and bloom into. 

        Do you know who you are?  Do you know what your purpose is, in this day-in and day-out life we live.  Is it to be a great mom? The best business owner? A wife who is her husbands biggest cheerleader? Is it a grandma who lays her life down for the generations that go on after her? Is it a person who wants to make your community a better place?  I could go on and on,  and I believe there is a way to get to the underlining purpose of why you are created to be on this amazing beautiful planet, to unfold and bloom. The way to get there is easy, lay your life down to serve another.  

I have so many amazing examples around me, of people that have passed away long ago and people who are present in my life today.  The people in my life have taught me the reason why I get the privilege of learning. They were great examples of lending a hand, serving, or helping someone in need.  This person that has allowed me to help and walk along side them doesn’t even realize what a gift they’ve given me.  This person starts from my husband, child, friend, mentor, and acquaintance.  You may be thinking how can you learn something from a person I just met? I’ve learned from accepting the gift of their perspective on life. The gift of their wisdom, the gift of their friendship, the gift of allowing us to help them. All of this has and will point you and I to unfolding and blooming into the most amazing, one of a kind flower in the world.  By lending a hand, serving, giving of our time. Putting others needs before our own. We’ve been given such a gift.  

Our perspective can and will forever change.  In serving others we get the gift and opportunity to change our perspective and the way we’ve viewed our situation. 

     As someone once said , “We can live about 40 days without food, about three days with out water, and about eighty minutes without air-but only one second without hope.” I so strongly believe that one of the biggest ways you can unfold and bloom into the person you were created to be Is by having hope, and you can access that hope by serving and helping others. By laying your “needs/wants” down.  How many times do people courageously lay down their lives for our country? To keep us safe, by putting others needs before theirs?  Please don’t get me wrong I don’t want to get into any political debates about whether they should or shouldn’t be laying their lives down for a certain “situation” going on.  I do however want to point out though, that these amazing people serve our country, by potentially and literally laying their lives down to serve and help us.  When in combat, could you imagine saying to a wounded person or to a person that is hurting, “oh I’m sorry I cant help you”…I cant imagine that.  I would imagine that they would do everything they could do to serve and help their fellow brother and sister to the best of their capabilities.  There are people in this world who need that kind of hope. And they get that hope by us helping them, or by you and I serving them.   

      If you’re going through a rough time right now, I would challenge you to step out and serve.  I promise from the bottom of my heart you’re not by yourself!  You haven’t been forgotten! You are such a gift!  Someone is waiting to get a glimpse of the gift you are!   Go on, get out of the house today, do your thing and say YES to helping or serving someone today!  I promise you will be hooked. Yes, it wont be easy all the time, but you get to try again tomorrow.

      As we get older how do we unfold and bloom?  How have your begun to realize that you can and are unfolding and blooming?  Is it by learning something from your next door neighbor, you just spent the last few hours with?  Is it helping your kiddos with homework?  Is it helping your parents with house work?  Is it making dinner for your family? Is running some errands for a friend who just lost a loved one?

          I leave you with one thing. I would love to challenge you to step out in just one area and serve someone.  Whether that’s offering to feed the chickens for your next door neighbors, offering to drop your child off at school that usually rides the bus, offering to read a book to your little one, offering to pick up the dry cleaners, or offering to do laundry. Whatever it is, get creative and watch the looks on those your lending a hand to. The Genuine look of, “Wow I do matter!”, the genuine appreciation of your time, your energy, and your presence.  There is HOPE for tomorrow!!  If your wanting to share your fun experience I would love to hear about it!! Get out there and serve and see what happens to your eyes and thoughts!
There is Hope for tomorrow, lend a helping hand and you’ll see it!


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