Making Space


If we are to implement the notion and idea of moving fear to the backseat and not having the incessant groanings and complaints. The doubt and the constant beating down of character, then we need to make room. We would make room in our hearts, and our minds, and we would have the opportunity to pour into ourselves the things that we’re longing for. We would literally be making room.Β We’d set fear in the backseat and have a passenger seat available for a new type of passenger. We’d be readily available to ask adventure to join us! And since we’re not taking fear to seriously now, we would start acting upon what our heart is singing and beat to do. Our purpose. Would re-wire ourselves to start operating under a different set of ideals.

I don’t know that I had completely understood how much fear was holding me and distracting me until I started to seek out why my life felt like it was a struggle. I had to be honest with where I was and ask questions. There’s always been a deep desire for more. More of The Source that makes me come alive. More of love for people and more of living life fully.

This is what started that journey and those notions made me re-wire and deliberately choose the areas of my life that I wanted to be more aware in.

When I sat down in my space of silence, which is almost always writing, I found the areas in my life that mean the most to me were already a constant. My family, my boys, my friends, my writing, my art, and my exploration. I have become determined to follow these things whole heartedly and to grow and expand. I want to be An Eccentric in all areas of life. I don’t want to fit the mold, I want to break it.

My deepest desire above all is to be used in this one life that I’ve been given. To hear an honor people in their life. To see where they come from and let them know that their life is validated, loved and seen. No matter where they come from. No matter what walk of life. No matter their belief, preference, past or future. When I look at this amazing desire that pulses within me, it puts a perspective on fear that becomes a no-brainer.

I don’t have time for it!

I don’t have time to stay in a small minded way of fear. My heart wants to expand and include and not exclude. It wants to learn and to be taught the beauty of life and the color that makes this world so precious and beautiful. It’s beats to unite and not divide. It wants to do more than I thought it could do! I’m letting go more each day into this free-falling adventure and it feels so good!


  1. Julie Tollefson

    I have been voraciously devouring your ‘unfold and bloom’ musings!! Hear me exclaim over and over again my “yes”, “yes!”, “me too”!! Am so with you on this grand adventure… With love, auntie Jules xx

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    1. LaShawna Romano

      Wow! This touches my heart and is so encouraging! Thank you so much for your kind words, your fierce love and your amazing gift of embracing people, always. You are such a powerful and strong woman, one that I’ve looked up to for a long time now. The voice is a powerful tool, and you are a warrior for bringing forth life with it. Thank you.


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