To All, an invitation:

When I think of how the world is continuously turning, endlessly moving, and constantly changing, it can be an exciting and overwhelming feeling. 

It’s exciting in that every moment is new. Every new day is an opportunity for renewal. A call to a fresh start. 

It can be overwhelming because honestly, there’s so much pressure to be a certain way in life. To put your best face forward, to make sure all of your life is “put together”. 

The only problem is that we spend all of our time on the things we are “suppose” to do rather than stopping to listen to the area in our lives that we WANT to do and have a passion for. We get caught up in everything back there in our past or what we must do to make our future better. 

We’re starting to miss out on what’s right in front of us now. 

A lot of times when we need to move forward it helps to think about and let out what we’ve been holding onto for so long. Whether that be past experiences or future anxieties. 

For me, the way I do this is to sit and write. 

I move my pen across the paper creating my artwork and freeing my anxieties or hurts. My insecurities splat on the paper and as I step back the fraud is revealed. 

The story I’ve made bigger than it was. This burden that I’ve laid upon myself that is far too big to carry on my own. This life-changing experience that I needed clarity on. It all needed to come out of me, somehow. 

Writing, artwork, dance, expression! 

It needed to come out. 

This is what I offer you, a place to let it out. A place to demystify and bring clarity. 

It takes bravery, yes, but when you shine light in dark places and reveal what is truly there. You can marvel at the bravery that’s been placed deep in your bones, and you can move forward in strength and courage to know that you ARE that strong. That you DO have the ability to move mountains, and you’re not alone. 

So, write, let it go.

Unfold and BLOOM.
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